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What We Do ...

We advise, invest, trade, manage and distribute capital for ultra high net-worth individuals, trusts and institutions, and achieve all goals in an innovative approach on top of traditional investment activities.

About Us

We bring ideas, capital and people together to create legend

  • 2014

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Ho Fung Consulting rose from humble root and target the portfolio management industry for private clients in Hong Kong

  • 2016

    Transition to Full Services Company

    Formed strategic partnership with leading institutions and financial firms, together we collaborate and expand services to cover corporate finance in Hong Kong and China

  • 2018

    Expansion with new shareholders and directors

    Pursuant to the new shareholders and directors, new skills and corporate deals were introduced and bring into Ho Fung covering broader geographical areas worldwide

  • 2019

    We are Ready

    Given the substantial benefits and resources brought in and business setup previously, we target to have a 500% growth in 2019 and achieve a 3 digit annual growth onwards

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Business Scope

We engage in all forms of financial transaction, not limiting to capital-raising transactions by direct invstment or financial instruments in both public and private sector, and by providing strategic services to those companies and private clients on a joint venture basis.

Financial and Strategic Consultation

We tailor our advice to client's specific core needs and service rendered, which may include:

  • Financial Analysis for profitability assumptions and impact
  • Attendance and participation to provide independence perspective
  • Advices in distressed situation to address situations strategically
  • ...
    Financial Instruments Capitalization

    We assist and engage in all forms of financial instruments transactions, which include:

  • Capital raising transactions by direct investment
  • Lateral financial support in terms of credit line arrangements
  • Investment in physical financial instrument transactions of all kind
  • ...
    Mergers and Acquisitions

    A variety of M&A services include:

  • Valuation including optimal transaction timing
  • Preparation of the investment memorandum
  • Defining the terms of purchase or sale agreements
  • Negotiate and assist with financial sourcing

  • ...
    Private Investment Placements

    Private client, trusts or corporations subject to qualification and acceptance can invest into our high payout private placement program. Partial investment returns will also fund any humanitarian project which support the minorities or finance any charity organization.

    Private Wealth Management

    You have meaningful goals, we can help you to reach them. Meeting your needs at every life stage:

  • Portfolio Wealth Management Planning
  • Unique Investment Advice
  • Trust and Estate Planning
  • ...
    Traditional and Alternative Investments

    We strive to provide outstanding long term investment performance and services to our private client group. Our services include:

  • Comprehensive traditional products and well experienced financial advisors
  • Alternative investments with calculated expected return according to client's will